Lynette Diaz

A Natural Demo Session (2018)

by Lynette Diaz

"Natural Thing To Do" was written in 2008. Recorded audio in 2018. Every step of every day is a step into the unknown. Just do your best in each moment. Nothing more is required than the next's the natural thing to do..
  • 04:13 Lyrics Natural Thing To Do

    Natural Thing To Do (2008, Diaz)

    When you've lost all you have known

    Well, you never get it back the same way

    And circumstance says you must grow

    And face the world unknown



    Well, you may not know where you're going

    But I know you have a clue

    And you gotta keep movin', Baby

    'Cause that's the natural thing to do


    So, you try to stay in one place

    Or keep a foot in that closing door

    Try to buffer what might be changin'

    But stagnancy won't help you anymore





    Keep yourself from fallin' down

    Find new ways to get around

    Open mind leads to open doors

    And you're worth a whole lot more


    Chorus x 2

    Hey, and that's the Natural Thing To Do

Lyrics/Music/Sound Engineering: Lynette Diaz