Lynette Diaz

Lyrics In My Head

by Lynette Diaz

Released 2008
Released 2008
Original Acoustic tracks With Heart-Driven and Distinct Passionate Vocals.
Lynette grew up in the high desert of New Mexico and brings to her music the fiery passion of her Mexican-American roots, along with a sense of adventure forged from years living abroad, including three continents before settling in New Zealand.

The 14-tracks on her debut CD release, ‘Lyrics In My Head’ are a testament to a long journey of self-discovery. The tracks resonate with the universal pangs of heartbreak, loss, growth, new-found clarity, love and joy.

The songs are powerful, yet subtle. Easing their way into your heart and mind through the pureness of the message and the honest vocal delivery.

"My music is personal, but I believe the messages are universal. These songs are heart-driven, by which I mean that I never picked up the guitar with the intention to write a certain way or a certain theme. The songs happened, with virtually no force of will. They were meant to be written and most importantly, meant to be shared."

Lynette teams with Christchurch-based musician/engineer, Andrew Morriss for the album production. Morriss' deft guitar work compliments each song.